Thank you for checking out my site.  My name is Anthony Macaluso, owner/operator of Clean Earth Demolition.  I have  worked in demolition since 1999, ( formerly NJ The Wrecking Crew).  I'm OSHA 40  certified, a member of The National Construction Industry, and state licensed.
I understand this may sound funny, but I have a passion for destroying stuff.
I love what I do, and work 24/7 at honing my craft.  My team and I are trust worthy and knowledgeable in the art of demolition/deconstruction. We are proud of our work, detail oriented, and professional.
Our philosophy is as follows:
1. Think, Execute, and Dominate.
2. Superior Preparation, Team Work and a No Problems Solution Attitude.

My pledge to you is that I will consistently outwork anyone else in this field, moreover, help achieve your goals and complete your project.


Interior & Exterior Demolition A to Z.

House Demolition Building Demolition,  Concrete Cutting, Concrete Breaking, Concrete Removal, Concrete Grinding, Asphalt Cutting and Removal, Chimney Removal, Interior Tile, Hardwood floor, and Carpet Removal, Interior Walls, Acoustical Ceiling, Load and Non-Load Bearing Walls. Interior Selective Demolition, Exterior Siding and Roof Removal.  Selective Exterior Demolition, Deconstruction of Roofs and Second Floors, Remove a Level.



Clean Earth Demolition prides itself on using all means possible to recycle,salvage, and donate all building materials prior to dumping.

We are currently working with the state of New Jersey and local recycling facilities, to expand the individual building components that can be sorted and recycled separately prior to dumping.  

We specialize in deconstruction and pride ourselves on a sustainable solution for the environment.

We also provide the necessary paper work to receive tax benefits by deconstruction.

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Clean Earth Demolition

8 West Main St Farmingdale NJ 07727

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1. Establish a property line mark out.

2. Proceed to local township  to obtain a demolition and sewer permit jacket.

3. Schedule electrical disconnection with local electric company,  Allow 4-8 weeks.

4. Schedule natural gas disconnection, Allow 4-6 weeks. 

5. Schedule phone and cable disconnection, Allow 2-4 weeks.

6. Call 1-800-Dig for mark out. Allow 3-5 days prior to digging.

6. Preform sewer and water cut and cap.

7. Call township for sewer and water  cut and cap inspection. Triangulate position, back-fill, and return water meter to water company.

7. Asbestos siding and flooring inspection and or testing. If positive receive quotas from a licensed asbestos abatement contractor,  or homer owner is legally allowed to remove and dispose of asbestos in New Jersey.

8. Rodent and insect Inspection.

9. Heating oil tank or septic tank removal.

10. Send letters to surrounding neighbors  giving warning that demolition will be shortly taking place.

11. Fill out and submit a permit jacket with correct paper work needed.

12. Call 1-800-Dig for mark out.

12. Schedule porta john  & chain fence if needed.

13. Install silt fence & orange temporary fence.

14. Schedule debris & concrete containers.

15. Scheduled machine and operator.

16. If demolition blue prints are not available, walk through with operator on demolition criterias.

16. Demolish house in ordinance with recycling laws.

17. Add clean fill in needed.

18. Grade & rake property. 

19. Schedule demo inspection.