Residential Demolition

Keep the Property-Get Rid of the Home

Book our house demolition services in Farmingdale, NJ

Picture this: It's always been a dream of yours to flip a home. You finally find the perfect place on the most beautiful property. After buying the home, you soon discover that there are major structural issues that can't be repaired. Clean Earth Demolition offers house demolition services in Farmingdale, NJ so that you can keep the property but ditch the home.

We provide wall removal services, or we can take apart the entire home. Contact us at 732-298-3649 to schedule wall removal services today.

Learn about our professional process

As an expert demolition company, we go through a thorough process. Our process includes:

  • Disconnecting all utilities
  • Making neighbors aware
  • Installing proper safety precautions
  • Leveling the home from the foundation
  • Filling in the hole where the home was
  • Raking, leveling and grading the land

Our team will go through the proper channels and follow all local laws. Call now to learn about our house demolition services in Farmingdale, NJ.